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Want to contribute an article to one of the top travel communities in India and around the world?

Crazy Wanders has 30+ Travelers/Adventurers/Explorers and Bloggers who are contributing one or more guest posts. But before you submit a guest post at Crazy Wanders, read these guidelines to ensure that your post gets approved.

Crazy Wanders is a travel community with 8,000+ active subscribers. Being a community blog, we always encourage upcoming creators, writers, and bloggers to contribute an original article related to the topic in order to showcase themselves in front of a wide audience.

Crazy Wanders has been online since May 2020 delivering content to its awesome readers and global audience in various travel categories. We are always focused on providing quality content to our users. Also, we work hard to help you reach out to your targeted audience and showcase your content.

Let us share a few more reasons why contributing to Crazy Wanders is a good idea:

  • We have over 8,000 people subscribed on various mediums (Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.).
  • Crazy Wanders is consistently featured as the “Top Travel Blog” on various online publications and outlets.
  • We get over 5,000 page views every day.
  • Your Author bio is visible everywhere and post is promoted on our social media platforms.

Before you join the 30+ awesome writers/creators who have already contributed to Crazy Wanders, let us convey to you some tips and guidelines for posting content on our website.

How can you become a Crazy Wanders contributor?

To become a regular contributor at Crazy Wanders, here are some tips that will help you to get your article accepted and published:

  • Head over to the homepage and check out the different categories available for the write-up. Go through some of the posts to understand what kind of content we accept and publish.
  • Write content that engages with users and adds value to their life.
  • You have to be a blogger or a genuine reader who has something to write and share for the Crazy Wanders travel community.
  • The following are the categories we accept articles/blogs/content for, at this time. Do remember to do a search on Crazy Wanders to avoid submitting already published ideas.
    • Travel Stories
    • Travel Destinations
    • Travel Guides
    • Travel Tips
    • Budget Travel
    • Travel Shopping
    • Travel Photography
    • Travel Videos

A few things to remember before submitting your guest post:

  • Article Quality: Articles should be a minimum of 500 words and should cover the topic in detail. Incomplete details are like half-cooked food; no one loves incomplete articles. We take quality as one of the major considerations in accepting guest posts. To ensure your article gets published, write a very original piece that is written specifically for the Crazy Wanders audience.
  • Credit: Crazy Wanders respects individual work and if your idea is derivative of someone else’s work, feel free to give them credit. The same goes for images that you use on your post. Please give credit where credit is needed.
  • Screenshot + Video: Images speak a thousand words. Add images to convey your message, but don’t add them just for the sake of it. If you are writing tutorials, take a screenshot. If you are writing conversational topics, use license-free images that are related to your topic.
  • If you are a video blogger, you can submit your video to Crazy Wanders’s Youtube channel. Just create a video, drop us an email, and we will guide you on how to submit videos.
  • Self-promotion: We allow genuine contributions with quality content. You will get a chance to build a brand for yourself by contributing a post to Crazy Wanders.
  • Copyright: We respect everyone’s work. In case we find out that you have copied a post from somewhere else, you will get an instant ban and immediate removal of all your blog posts and profile from Crazy Wanders. Also, by submitting a post to Crazy Wandersyou agree to give us copyright ownership of the post. This helps us to deal with any DMCA related issues.
  • Comment: Comments are the conversations about your published article. Answer any queries related to your article via the comments. This will give you more exposure and help out your readers.
  • Ownership: By submitting or sending your article/blog to Crazy Wanders, you are giving us the ownership of your content. You cannot ask us in the future for the royalty or any kind of fee for your published content or to unpublish the content. We hold the right to unpublish any content at any time without any notice or permission.

Contribute your post to Crazy Wanders

If you have read and understood all of the guidelines mentioned above, Here is how you can submit your article/content.



If your idea is approved, we will create a brand new post for you with your content and target the relevant audience for further actions.

If you have any queries regarding guest posting at Crazy Wanders, do let us know via the contact form.

[ Last Updated: 13 May 2020 ]

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